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About US

Welcome to Official Website of Singawa.
Due to the increase of companies’emergence in Indonesia inform of new foreign capital companies and local companies every year, the need for professional workers in each fields also rises, they arelocal professional workers from Indonesia or foreign workers who are brought directly from the investing country or from other countries. All this also leads to a high need for relevant document management on the employment of foreign workers as well as documents for new company establishment or document renewal for company. We are here as a partner for you in form of One Door Integrated Services not only for your company but also for your personal needs specifically in terms of:

Recruitment, for among others:

  • Executive Search ( CEO, President Director, MD )
  • General Recruitment(Staffs to Middle Level Personnels)
  • Outsourcing

Document service

  • Work permit for foreign citizens (New and Extension)
  • Visa for foreign citizens and other immigration documents
  • Processing of company legality for Foreign Investment Company (PMA) and local company
  • Other documents regarding the employment of foreign workers

Various Other Businesses

  • Accounting and Tax Service and Training
  • Singawa Travel
  • Singawa My Big Mall Shop.


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