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Documentmanagement process for foreign citizens living and working in Indonesia, is now showing a change for the better. Although there are still a lot of bureaucracy and time needed for document management. The government is currently working hard to break the chain of illegal charges and to provide business opportunities for companies as well as to specialized companies that have license of foreign workers permit.
Singawa Indonesia, is a registered company in Ministry of labor and already has an operational license asa Service Company for Foreign Worker Employment(PJP3TKA). We are indeed here to help you to save your precious timein orderto be more concentrated to your main business or corporate core business. Supported by our field staffs, we will provide you with up-to-date information, in particular the newest laws and regulations and the latest SOP in every document management agency so that you will be able to monitor all developments.


In order to be able to stay and work in Indonesia, foreign workers need several documents issued by Ministry of Manpower and the Immigration Office, etc.

The documents are among others:

  • RPTKA: Plan of Foreign Personnel Employment
  • IMTA is a Permit of Foreign Personnel Employment
  • Vitas /Visa 312 isLimited stay permits
  • KITAS & MERP: Limited /Permanent Stay Permit & Multiple Exit/Re-entry Permit is a permit issued by local immigration for KITAS holders for permission to travel out and re-enter Indonesia
  • SKTTS / KIP: Temporary residence certificate / ID card
  • STM:Proof of Reporting to Authority
  • LKOA: Report of Foreigners Visitation

In general, the timeline for processing of foreign personnel is as follows:


Singawa Indonesia also serves in providing:

Limited Residence Visa

  • Limited Stay Visa for Foreign Investment (Indexes 313 & 314)
  • Limited Stay Visa for Training & Research (Index 315)
  • Limited Stay Visa for Education /Students (Index 316)
  • Family Reunion Visa (Visa Index 317)

Visitation Visa

  • One-way Visitation Visa (Single Entry Index 211)
  • Multiple Entry VisitationVisa / VKBP (Multiple Entry Index 212)
  • One-way Visitation Visa (Single Entry Index 211)

To be able to do business in Indonesia, it is mandatory to prepare some of the documents as follows:

  • To select and to get and approval ofcompany name from Ministry of Law and Human Rights
  • Estimated time of handlingis 2 working days
  • Principle License application at Investment Coordinating Board (BKPM)
  • Estimated time of handlingis 14 working days
  • Deed of company establishment to a Public Notary
  • Estimated time of handlingis 5 working days
  • Ratification of KEMENKUMHAM atMinistry of Law and Human Rights
  • Estimated time of handlingis 3 working days
  • Company Domicile (SKDP) in City/District Government
  • Estimated time of handlingis 5 working days
  • Registration of NPWP and Certificate of Registration (SKT) at Tax Office
  • Estimated time of handlingis 7 working days
  • Obtaining Company Registration Certificate (TDP) at District/City Government
  • Estimated time of handlingis 14 working days.

After all the above documents aredeclared complete, then the PMA can proceed with otherdocument applications as needed in accordance with company business type. The other document to be obtained is among others company’s bank account, as inLaw no. 7 year 1981 (Personnels MandatoryReport) which is used as requirement for KITAS application, BPJS (Manpower and Health BPJS), KITAS of Expatriate, NIK (Customs Main Number), API–U General Importer Identity Number for trading company, API-P Importer-Producer Identity Number for producer company, etc.

With our outstanding experience and expertiseswe will provide fast and thorough servicewith very competitive price. Our services are also supported by notaries, Officeof Accountant Services and Taxes, UKL/UPL Consultants and consultants from various fields of science, etc.

4. Other Documents Regarding the Employment of Foreign Workers

To support your company document requirements, we also provide services for managing of various documents below:

  • Duplicates of KITAS
  • Duplicates of IMTA
  • DPKK Withdrawal
  • Law No. 7 year 1981 (Personnels Mandatory Report)
  • Local Law No. 6 year2004 (Facility Mandatory Report)
  • Recommendation TA.03
  • ERP Not Return
  • ACC Man Month
  • Regional Office Permit III and IV of Visa Extensions (VK)
  • Issuing New KITAB
  • Regular Passport and E-Passport
  • Travelling Permits (SKJ)
  • NPWP/ PMA andLocalCompany
  • NPWP)/For Foreigner and Local
  • Deed of Company Establishment and Amendment
  • Decree of Menkumham
  • Company’s Registration(TDP)
  • SIUP
  • Company’s Domicile Letter
  • API-PImporter-Producer Identity Number
  • API-U General Importer Identity Number
  • NIK (Custom Main Number)
  • Company Policies
  • Bonded Zone
  • Annual Company Financial Report(LKTP)
  • Managing BPJS (Manpower and HealthBPJS)
  • Mandatory Submission ofLKPM
  • Advertisement Tax
  • IPPT (Land Using License)
  • Revised Site Plan
  • Technical Advice on Building Permit
  • IMB (Building Permit)
  • UKL and UPL
  • Environment License
  • Industrial Business Permit
  • International Driving License
  • STNK (Car License)
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And other services as demanded


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