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Singawa Singawa has maintained a data base of CEOs & Board of Directors and personnels from lower level until managerial level and potential candidate networks of those who are currently still working and waiting for getting new opportunities and new challenges in new workplaces.
The candidates are scattered throughout the archipelago and some are currently pursuing careers at foreign companies abroad and are waiting to get an opportunity to return to Indonesia.
We also have a network of executives from countries such as Asia, India, America, Europe with more than thousands of candidates who are ready to accept the challenges of working in companies in Indonesia, either for foreign capital companies (PMA) and local companies. The candidates have distinctive and excellent track record in various business areas such as manufacturing, trading, logistics, IT, hotel, food & beverage, servicing, etc.


General Recruitment (Staff to Middle Level)

With various methods and ways of selection of candidates, we have successfully collected more than 30 thousand data of candidates consisting of staff level up to junior manager level. Candidates that we recommend have the basic skills of good English, experienced and mastering the field of business in accordance with their disciplines of knowledge. Physically and mentally healthy they are forthrightly not afflicted with Blue bird Syndrome. We will bring you candidates with excellent, multitasking and multitalented expertise and have strong character. It can be managed that they live nearby from your company and they abide by the work culture and expectation of your company.


Our candidates are overseas graduates and alumni from respected national or private universities in Indonesia.

The job categories are consisting of: Business Operations, Sales, HR & GA, Marketing, Finance & Accounting, Financial Services & Commodities, Technology & Internal IT, Legal & Compliance, Engineering / R & D, Real Estate & Consulting Executive, Japanese or Chinese speaking staffs, etc.


Why choose SINGAWA Outsourcing?

We have thousands of data-based candidates such as : Drivers, cleaning service staffs, catering staffs, security,etc. and we are ready to support your company.

  • Singawa has been registered as provider of services workers/laborers in Indonesia. Singawa has obtained operational license as provider company of workers /laborers.
  • Singawa has maintained thousands of data based drivers, cleaning service staffs, security staffs, catering, mining staffs, etc. Our candidates are carefully selected and have high adaptive ability, good skills and have passed health screening, psychological test, and they have good track records.
  • Our service fee is very competitive and can be adjusted to your company’s financial capability.
  • Our candidates have distinctive ability to handle emergency cases such as earthquake, fire, flood, earthquake rescue, and they have basic first aid skills and have deep knowledge of safety and security of workplace environment..
  • We will provide updated monthly reports and will support your company’s management comprehensively.
  • We manage administration related to employment of outsourcing personnels as well as: Recruitment , Payroll, Allowance, THR, Jamsostek, relationships with other relevant offices such as police stations, Depnakertrans and executing lay off.
  • We have thousands of data and networks of various candidates that have experiences working abroad such as in Japan, Korea, and other Asian countries. Especially for candidates who are able to speak Japanese, the candidates have lived in Japan for about 3 years through official program of the government of Indonesia and they have been trained well and have deep knowledge of working culture Japanese company and they have certificates for the ability to speak Japanese (JLPT/ Japanese Language Proficiency Test Certification). In addition, they are already familiar with the 5 S principles or concepts and HORENSO.

Sample of Headcount for Outsourcing Financing

  • Municipal Minimum Salary
  • Allowance
  • Uniform
  • Member Card (Security)
  • THR is Normative
  • Annual Leave Substitute is Normative
  • Severance Payment as in Manpower Law No.13 of 2003
  • Other benefit compensation that depend on company’s policy
  • Management Fee is 15% from UMK
  • Benefits (Insurance, Manpower BPJS & Health BPJS) is adjusted to government regulation.


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